"Mike, thanks for the response.As I said my name is Larry Foster, I live in Ontario Canada. I have been looking through your site for awhile and I must say that you have a great Torino site. It is great too see you and all your viewers all trying to keep alive another one of the Legends from the Muscle car era. I have always been a Ford guy although I love muscle cars of all makes. I own a "70 Torino GT Cobra. It is all original body,paint. Never molested in any way. The engine is a 351 Cleveland and has been redone with all new parts. I love cruising in it and it is no trailer queen. My Torino has won trophies draws attention at shows and cruises...and to me thats what it's all about. Nothing like having some total stranger come up and say what a beauty it is or how they used to own one, shake your hand and say they wish they had kept it... don't we all. Now that's what I'm talkin' about... thanks for the time Mike... I am sending a pic of my girl.. maybe you have room for it on your site.

Talk to you later

Larry Foster  Ontario Canada"