"Hey Mike I just thought you might want to see my Cobra that is being restored as I type. I have owned it since March and it has come a long way. The pics I have are from when we found the car and then started working on it. I have the trunk section completely done and starting on the quarter panels. Car is a little unique. According to FORD after I called there historic document department they researched the vin and I found it to be a little unusual for a Cobra. They sent me a letter stating that this car came with ramair 429cj and and that it was a column shift auto. The rarity in that is that it also came with bucket seats. Most all that had column shift had bench seats and I have not seen another that came with buckets and column shift. I need to get the Marti report on it but to busy getting my baby road ready. Take care and hope to join you all soon on the car shows.

Mark and Belinda Collins"


8-27-2005 - "Hey Mike I just thought I would update you on the progress of my 70 Cobra project. I did get the Marti report and it is 1 of 13 with these options. Pretty cool huh! I have the motor completed and most of the parts have been glass beaded and recoated and waiting to get back on the car. Carb is back from pony carbs on a concourse rebuild. I have found NOS parts and will have to use very few reproduction parts on this project. I hope to start going the other way it soon. Thanks for your website it has helped with many of the parts for this car."