"Mike, I just read your history of trouble with your Torino. Boy, you've had nothing but trouble trying to get your car done, and even after it was completed, now you can't get it touched up by the people that completed it. It's stories like yours that make me extremely happy that I do all my own body, interior, electrical, motor, trany, rear end, suspension, and custom paint work. I'm glad to see you enjoy your Torino as much as I do. Here' a shot of my 72 Gran Torino Sport Cobrajet that I've had since 1982.. I stripped and refinished the vehicle in 1984, and haven't had to do anything to it since (except for oil changes, polishing, and fuel). Have you thought about running the Hot Rod power tour in 2005. I'm already registered for it. It run from Milwaukee, WI to Kissimmee, FL with stops at different cities along the way each day (one week trip). This year I'll be taking my new custom SSR pick-up instead of the Cobrajet though. If you go you won't be able to miss which one is mine (see photo). 

Maybe We'll see you there.

Mark S."