I received the following from Mark Smith of Kalispell, Montana.  Mark writes "Mike, out surf'n, found your sweet site. I live in Kalispell Montana. Here's a few pics of my 68 390GT car. No kidding, the first time I saw this car was in 90, and this is no joke, it was Sunday morning and a little old lady was driving it to church. No way, you say. Well, WAY. I followed she and her husband to their church in Whitefish Montana, but they were'nt sell'n. Three years later I saw it in their yard for sale. I stopped, "Buck" answered the door, and after me telling him I was interested, he handed me keys and told me to take it for a spin. Buck was 78 at the time. He knew as well as I that I was going to buy the car. For the next 5 HOURS we looked at pictures of his life growing up in Polebridge Montana and dealing on the car. The rest is history. Oh yea, I bargained til he got the price he wanted. Just pulled the mill today for a rebuild and will take it to the body shop in a month. I have put 125K miles on this car since I bought, and have enjoyed every minute. Until Montana emposed speed limits last year, I could drive this baby down the freeway at 95 MPH, and IT WAS LEGAL. THAT was a rush! I WILL attend the Hot Rod Power tour this year, I'll send pics when I get back. Just for fun, a pic of "my driveway", just 15 minutes from Kalispell.

Life under the Big Sky, UNBELIVABLE!!! Have an EXCEPTIONAL day, Mark"

Mark, what a great story and one beautiful ride.  By the way, I like your driveway too!!!!!