More photos from my friend Mark Smith in Kalispell, Montana.  Mark writes "Mike, sorry for the late reply about parking spaces. My work has been so busy that my 68 GT is still not done, and won't be in time for the Woodward Cruise, so regrettably I won't be heading your way. This and the fact that the body shop I'm dealing with is slow, and a couple of areas of the car were not done to my satisfaction and that has also slowed that project. As I was whining to a buddy about having to wait so long for my car, (3 months), I realized that my wife has been waiting 3 YEARS for some stuff around the house. Needless to say that my declaration of, "gee hun, I think I'm gonna put the car on the back burner and get this stuff done on the house THIS summer", was met with mouth agape disbelief. I got maximum points for that thought because, well, listen up. Here are a few of pics of my new summer ride (and one of the deck) while the 68 GT is torn down. It's a 69 GT 351 4V C6 car, bench seat, VERY clean inside. Runs and drives real smooth. Found it in Libby, MT. , 104K original, bought it from 2nd owner who had the car for 17 years. And get this, MY WIFE told me about this one as I was finishing the new deck. Hum, think I'll build another deck.

Life under the Big Sky. UNBELIEVABLE Have an exceptional day. Mark"