The following comes from Marvin Riner Jr. of Mauk, Georgia.  Marvin writes "Hi ya'll, Last weekend I acquired a 1970 Ford Fairlane 500 2-door with 302 and 3 speed in the column. In the fall, I plan to start restoring this car and have been searching the internet for the last week for pictures and other information on the '70 Fairlane and so far I have found one of these cars online and a guy up in Canada owns it. Your website is about the third one I've been through that has a Tribute to Fords and shows pictures of all fords from 1913-1972. But I've yet to see a 1970 Ford Fairlane 500 in one of them. I thought maybe the reason no one in the Fairlane clubs had them might be because they were an undesirable model but I can't understand why they're included in the "complete" line-ups. Could you give me any insight in this matter? As humble as it is, I included a picture below. Thank you, Marvin Riner Jr. Mauk, Georgia"

Thanks Marvin, all men and things come from humble beginnings.  The cars are very cool, but it's more about the people who own the cars! Welcome aboard!!!