"Thanks for having a great site Mike. I used it allot to decide what color to paint my 1970 Fairlane/Torino. Well its really not mine now, I gave it to my daughter for her 16th birthday. I am ready to start another as soon as I get this one completely done. You guys out there that don't think you could tackle such a big project, go ahead and try. This was my first rebuild and the car is pretty much complete for about $6000. That includes all new interior that I did myself, rebuilt transmission and new paint job. The white car is what this car looked like when I bought it for $500 sitting next to this guys house. I tinkered with it for a few hours and drive it home. We get all the looks drving around town and it is an awsome ride. Future plans are to rebuild the 80,000 original mile cars 302 and step it up a bit, and chrome it out. Other than that it is pretty much done.


Matt Dragg   Lone Grove, OK"