This photo came from Matt Reese of Dearborn, Michigan.   He says "This is my 1970 Torino Cobra. It has a 429 Cora Jet under the hood with a C-6 automatic transmission. It has a 9 inch 4.30 rear end. The only modification that I did was put on an eddelbrock performer intake with a holley 850cfm carb. I went 13.70s this summer. Over the summer I blew the transmission out. My goal over the winter is to get a new trans, change the cam, and maybe a different intake. Next summer I am looking to go 12.90s.  I only got a chance a couple of times to run the car until I blew the trans, so I think that the car is capable of 12s. I also live in the metro Detroit area".  Thanks for the great action photo neighbor!