The following comes from Matthew Old of Columbia, Missouri.  Matthew writes "I was surfing your website and saw pictures of my Car and a few pictures I took at car craft several years ago. I thought I would give you a little information on my car. I have owned my Torino GT since 1989 its a factory 429GT which since has been replaced by a 514CI engine. I sports a 9inch rearend and 3:55 gears ( At one time I was running 4:11's) If you have and questions about my car feel free to email me. I'm in the process of repainting it at the moment and adding a Hidden headlamp grill and if you would like I will send you a pix when done.


Matthew Old 

Columbia, Missouri"

Matthew, you have one of the "more famous" Torinos on the internet I believe (at least it is one of the first I remember seeing)!  A beautiful car, and yes I would love to see  pictures of the changes you are making.  Thanks for sharing with us.....