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I received more photos from Michael Curry of New York.  Michael writes "Had my 72 Torino out to stretch her legs...and new shots of the 70 with the new Skins and took these photo's of the 72 and 70 together (they finally met today) took the 72 for a roadtrip to a superbowl party in Jersey, it felt real good to have her out, she had been 'sleeping' too long since thanksgiving... Hope you guys enjoy the pics.  The new addition to the fleet is a 1970 J Code Cobra 4spd w/ the drag pack, staggered shocks 4:30 locker rear etc...bought it on ebay of all places...She looks all there has a monster cam in it, just need to fix a rear main leak (ouch) and heater core and blower motor...

PS Mike , look at the cobra pics got the 275 60 15's on her rears now they barely fit but they are on there and look awsome so now both my torino's have the same rig's 235 60 14's fronts and 275 60 15's rears....."

Michael bought the Cobra off Ebay and they sure look sweet together!