I recieved this photo from Michael Wiese of Copenhagen, Denmark.  Michael writes "Hi Mike, I've got a Torino, that you don't have in your gallery!
 It's a Ford Torino 1973, 4 drs sedan pillard (bodytype 53B - goes for year 72 - 75 4 drs. sedan)  It's been running in Thule until 1995, so a rebuild engine was mounted that year (daily distance : 7 miles ! in deep cold - no wonder the engine has to be replaced!)  My name is Michael Wiese (new member in the TorinoRing) email: mwiese@bk.dk.
Copenhagen, Denmark (just across Tivoli)
It's had times in Denmark for american cars from the 70 ths, specily Fords. The most popular oldies are 55-57 Chevy - but they look all the same! Same new parts all over - just a ? of money.
As you see my grill looks like hell, BUT I have a 'new' one, but it's not ready yet.   All mecanical parts for the engine and the car are available in Denmark; but RUBBER : weatherstripes, roofseal etc. are dead meat! as well as special body stuff. I had to buy 2 prs to a Ranchero and cut them smaller.
By by for now

How cool!!!  Thanks Michael and welcome to the Torino Web Ring.  Great to have you aboard!