The following are more photos from my friend Mike Harris of Sedalia, Missouri.  Mike writes "Hey Mike, your site is really kickin' butt!! Bought another Torino, this one is a 71 GT that's already been 95% restored and is it a beauty!! I bought it from someone you know, Jerry Knotts' dad. Jerry has the 70 Cobra and lives in Mo. It has a 351C with 4 barrel carb, C4/shift kit, 9" rear with 3:00 to 1 gear ratio, factory buckets, floor shift/console, factory a/c and completely restored interior. I've included a lot of pix, so if you want to post any I'll let you decide which ones. Also included a pic of all three of my "Torinos" together. Talk to you later. Mike Harris Sedalia, Mo"

Thanks Mike, there should be a law about having 3 very cool cars.  Congratulations on you newest baby.  Sounds and looks fantastic.  Tell Jerry I said hi!