From my good friend Mike "McFord" McPhillips of Portland, Michigan.  Mike writes "Hey Mike! Here is my new girl, er, I mean Torino! It arrived saturday from Towson, MD. Its a 50,000 original mile, 302, C4 automatic formal roof Gran Torino. Non-a/c. These pics were taken by the gentleman I bought it from. I have some pics of its arrival, but i have to finish the roll out first. The interior is like brand new and the car is extremely solid. Dont be fooled by the crusty bumpers. It will be modified (mechanically) in the future because as you know, I like the go fast stuff. Other than a sport hood and different wheels, the outside will remain the same as you see. Just thought you'd like a look see!  Mike"

Looks sweet Mike!  Mike is one of the more knowledgable car people I know, so I know this car will become even sweeter!