Well, got the ranchero home today. turns out i was scheduled o work till 7pm ALL this week, so i wasn't going to have a chance to get it plated and insured so i had it hauled home by the same guy that hauled the 76 home. at least i can start putting it back together. picked out the best pair of used headlight bezels I had, cleaned then up and put them on. also put the ford letters across the header panel on. gotta finish up on the grill and get that in so i can put the bumper and valance back on. looks decent, although there are some fish eyes here or there. very few though. it IS darker but still will be close enough.

Mike "McFord" McPhillips


6-21-2005 - "The terrible 2's, or 72's as it may be!  Finally got BOTH out for some pictures today.