The following comes from Mike Roberts.  Mike writes "Hey Mike, I've been meaning to send you some pictures for a while.  Here are some pics of my 70 Torino Cobra. It's a factory 429 SCJ drag pack 4 speed car. When I rebuilt the engine I built it into a 460. I also ported the CJ iron heads alot, installed a roller cam, Hooker headers, etc. I drag race the car a couple of times a year. Last time out it ran 11.26 @ 124.67 MPH. I had to install a roll bar to keep it legal at the track. I know alot of people will cringe at that but I just enjoy the car and to me part of the thrill of these cars is the performance. I like to try to represent these cars well at the track. I have my car set up with very stock appearance.


Mike Roberts"

Thanks Mike, I think it looks great, and sounds like it moves!  My philosophy is do what pleases you!  Thanks....