The following comes from Mike Thompson of Mansfield, Ohio.  Mike writes "Mike, Bought myself a 1971 Torino 500. Stock 302-2V. Will be doing a little modifying with GT hood and hopefully Magnum 500 rims. I have quarter patches ordered to start bodywork. Will send more photos later.

Mike Thompson in Mansfield,Ohio"

Thanks Mike, wow that is gorgeous!  I love the 500's with the halo roofs.  Congratulations, maybe drive it up for the "Bash at the Beach"?

78-1-2003 - "Mike, Love your site. Lots of nice Torinos out there , and glad to see the tradition continue. I have added a couple of pics along to share with you and the fans. I had all intentions of leaving the 500 all stock , but the GT goodies are to hard to pass up.( notice the tail-lights ) Keep up with the wonderful site and take care of that Cobra !!

Mike Thompson  Mansfield,Ohio"