"Mike- Heres some pics of my 66 Fairlane project I thought I'd send ya. Took these with my camera phone. It's a 66 Fairlane 500 originally a 200 6cyl 3 on the tree set up. Sautern gold with white parchment interior. I'm currently in the process of putting in a mild 429, C-6, and 9" set up. The driveline came out of my grandfathers 130,000 mile 70 Ranchero GT (guestcars page 12). The 429 is starting out as a pure stock rebuild, mainly because everything is so nice and I'm a 19y/o WyoTech student. I'm using a set of Crites headers with 2" primaries and 3.5" collectors mated to 3" pipe going back to a 40 series flowmaster with 2.5 out the back. I'm shooting to have it running high 7's (1/8mile) low 12's (1/4mile) with a 3.50:1 rear gear and weighing in at about 3200lbs with me in it.

When finished it'll be the original Sautern Gold color with black vinyl interior with white highlights no back seat and a 6pt roll bar to tie it together. And yes I'm keeping the steelies and dog dish cap look to go with the radio delete dash.

thanx Mike Wyatt"