The following comes from Myles in Florida.  Miles writes "Hi again mike,,,,Myles here .....can you please delete my ad for sale posted 5/3/03 to sell our 71 Torino 500,,,,,after owning fixing/driving this car for 3 years now and trying to sell it for the last 3 or 4 months we have come to the realization that we love this car too much to sell it!....a full restoration is underway as of last week with a possible big block swap in the near future. I'll keep pics of the resto for you and our friends from the website to view as we go. Funny but we were offered close to our asking price in cash last week and while considering the offer in front of us,, me my wife and my 23 year old son panicked at the though of not having our beloved 71 Torino anymore! Needless to say we refused the offer with a smile and the restoration was planned,, we have already purchased the rest of the parts it was lacking, (dash, carpet, ac components etc). and are very eager to see it in better than new condition soon. I can't thank you enough Mike for the site and info/help I have gotten from it and you personally. I look forward to buying you that tall cold drink I owe you for the Nigeria check scam info, hope to see you all at a Torino meet as soon as this resto is done!

Sincerely, Myles

 p.s instead of deleting if you would like to move the ad pics to your "pics sent by friends" section as my before resto pics i'd appreciate it. Thanks again"

Thanks Myles, I am so glad to hear you have decided to keep it and restore it to it's former glory!  I look forward to that tall, cold one!  Thanks....


1-29-2005 - "Here a new pic a the 71 500,,still no paint yet but we've got new wheels and tires and have the new motor trans and AC setup ready and hope to do the full resto soon,,,,,thanks and best wishes to you and yours!

Myles & Family "