"Hey Mike  Great site and forum, boy has it ever helped out at times. I am sending some pics of my car. I was given the car three and half years ago by a bowtie boy who also threw in a 400 and FMX transmission from a 77 LTD. This was my first experience at body work and it was a chore. There was nothing left of the rear wheel wells so I made patch panels out of a 4’x10’ piece of sheet metal. Took awhile and being a college kid my summers were full of time and had to save my money so this was the cheapest route. It in the end took three years and I believe less than 2,000 dollars. The car doesn’t go really fast and no its not the ready to win any awards, but it is a fun smooth ride (almost 20 mpg back and fourth to school when the weathers nice) and a great learning experience for me.

Thanks Nick Merkley St. Anthony, IN

P.S. sorry to those who don’t like my interior but I grew up in the timber industry and just love the look of finished wood."