"Here is a picture of my husband Paul's 1970 Torino Cobra. He received this as a gift for his 40th birthday thanks to help from you and people on this site (met the seller on your site, too). "

From Mike - Here is the story I cut and paste from the forum;

"Thursday - My dad flew into TN to pick up the Torino from Terry. Drove the car 700 miles to the Chicago suburbs without any problems. Stashed the car away at the brother-in-laws for the night.

Friday morning - Brought the car home and washed the bugs off. Hid it across the street in the neighbor's garage so it would be close for the big party.

Friday evening - of course, it begins to rain about 6:00. Hasn't rained in weeks before this day and hasn't rained since. Paul (husband) leaves for my son's floor hockey game and we get busy. Decorations put up, food brought out, enough liquor to get the entire town where I live plastered.

Paul comes home a little over an hour later and is stunned to find about 50 of his family and friends gathered for the party. About half are dressed in 60's gear. About half an hour later - of course, it's still raining, actually pouring - my brother-in-law and son go to the neighbor's and bring the Torino (with big red bow) over. They angle it in the driveway with the headlights pointing towards the door. I am outside with my video camera and digital camera under an umbrella. Some others are outside with me. Brother-in-law revs the engine. Nothing. Repeats about four times. Nothing still. He starts honking the horn. From what I've been told, people inside (who know what's going on) tell Paul to go outside and see what the heck is going on. Paul says he can't because he doesn't have any shoes on. Finally the people inside convince him to go out and take care of whatever is going on outside.

Paul sticks his head out the door but can't see anything with all the rain so he finally comes out and see the car. It takes a long while for him to realize what's going on. Finally after looking at the car and the bow and all the people gathered it starts to sink in. Then he starts to check out the car (and does say - "do you know how long I have been talking about this car?"). He does get it and eventually takes it for a short ride. I think it took him until the next afternoon for it all to sink in. To say he is thrilled is an understatement.

I need to say thanks to many people here and on Mike's torinocobra.com site. Wouldn't have been able to pull this off without help and advise from many (you know who you are). Wouldn't have found this car without this site. Thanks to Terry for selling it and for doing such a great job on the engine."