The following comes from  Peter Lariviere of Sudbury, Ontario Canada.  Peter writes "Hi Mike, I was browsing the net and ran across your site. Very impressive. I thought you might enjoy some pics of my Elite (we call it the dragon slayer because of all the air brush work). It's a highly modified car with 411 gears with spool, soon to be installed 460 pushing over 500hp and 500 ft lbs of torque, (I blew up the 351 modified last fall) B&M shifter with modified C6 tranny. We hope to run in the mid to high 11's this spring (still pretty chilly up here,-35 degrees this morning). As far as I can tell the Elite is not a car that too many people rebuild. We have entered the car in 5 or 6 shows last year and have gotten pretty good responses. I hope you will list it in your guest book so other people can see what can be achieved with a bit of imagination and enthusiasm. Thanks Peter Lariviere Sudbury, Ontario Canada (250 miles north west of Toronto)"

Thanks Peter, Pretty wild ride with a wicked paint job!  Thanks!!!