The following comes from Piet Lieben of Diepenbeek, Belgium.  Piet writes "Hi there, My name is Piet and I live in Belgium - Europe. I'm male, 22 years of age and I live in a town called Diepenbeek, Belgium. First of all I want to congratulate you with your web-site! It is real good to finally find an up-to-date, good looking and big Torino-site! It happened just a month ago, like every weekend my pal and me went out looking for old-timers - those American cars are pretty rare here in Belgium - and there she was: a '70 Torino GT. It didn't take long make up my mind and I bought the beauty a few days later. The only problem is gas. I have no idea what a gallon of gasoline (95 octane) costs in America but in Belgium you'll have to pay $4.50 per gallon (45 Belgian franks per liter, 95 octane - witch is the lowest octane available here). But what the heck, its not just any car, right? At this time of year the weather is rather unpredictable, it might be rather sunny one day, but it mostly stays rainy, so yesterday I wasn't able to make any good pictures.  But I did include a few pictures that I have made a couple of weeks ago. 

Full specs:
1970 Ford Torino GT Ram-Air
351ci Cleveland V8, Edelbrock intake, 4bbl Holley 780cfm carb with automatic choke, 9.5:1 compression ratio, Cobra Jet camshaft.  Manifolds, double exhaust with glasspacks.  Hurst 4 speed manual transmission.  Heavy duty 5 leaf springs - KYB Shocks.  Black top, hidden headlights, 2 door hardtop.  36,000 miles, runs about 150 MPH.
My car for daily use is a 1987 BMW series 318 (1.8 l displacement, that's 110ci, 4 cylinders in line), it's just a normal medium powered car compared to everyday vehicles, but if you compare it to my Torino... I just love my Torino, the way it handles, the acceleration (let's not deny it!), the comfort, the peculiar power steering, pleasure of driving and last but not least: the V8.  As far as I'm concerned my Torino is, for lack of a better word, perfect!  You can put anything you find appropriate on your magnificient Torino Cobra site.
Happy New Year to you, your family and to all Torino owners!

Piet, first off thanks for the great pictures and story.  Your car is beautiful!  It reminds me a lot of my first, same color yellow with black vinyl top.  Even the background to the picture is unique.  Thanks again for the great car!