I received this email from Sean McDaniel of Spokane, Washington.  He wrote "Hi Mike, this is a picture of my '70 Torino Hardtop that I bought in 1987, when I bought it at a car lot it had a 429 to my disbelief, that really upset the carlot owner after he found out (after I paid my $995.00 for it). It originally had a 302 and a C-4. A couple of years later I blew it up doing well over 120 (speedometer was buried) down the freeway. I traded car off to a friend and he traded it to my brother who put a 460 in it. I sure do miss this car but I have a New 1970 Torino GT Fastback with 351C in very good shape, Car is Bright Yellow, and found factory build sheet and everything matches,I will send ya pictures to post on your page soon. Thanks for the time you put into your website for all of us Torino Fans."

Thanks Rage, that's a great story.  We look forward to the pictures of your new car!