I received this letter from Randy G. of Alberta, Canada.  He writes "Hi Mike, How's everything going out your way ? Well I hope ! Here's a few Torino / Ranchero photos for you to look at. The '70 Torino GT, 429 SCJ, auto, belongs to my good friend Dave Aanhout of Alberta, Canada.  The '70 Ranchero Squire is a car I am looking at right now. It has hideaways and a 351-C 4 bbl. engine and auto on column. Not sure what's in the diff. Body is pretty solid.  Let me know if these come across O.K.


Randy Gegolick, Whitecourt   Alberta , Canada"

No, thank you Randy.  The Ranchero looks like it could have lots of potential, and the Torino is just plain beautiful!  Thanks...