"Hi Mike once again I'm afraid I'm gonna have to tell you what a great site you have, a couple of days ago I was able to buy a hood ring from one of your guests. I picked up the car during the Christmas shutdown [I'm a machine repairmen for Fords] in Ala., the car is originally from Texas ,I have the Texas title [1991],when he went to Ala. He never transferred the title or drove the car the last 13 yrs. The original motor was in the back of my truck the car has a 429 thunderbird motor at the present, has air, column auto, bench seat , I need to buy some new magnums and I need the clutch pedals and linkage, big input clutch fork and trans hump, any help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated, the slats are original, the shaker is not, wheels are, I was hoping to make this motor run good enough to use this yr. and then build up the CJ this winter, looking forward to sometime seeing your car in person [and copying it the best I can] haha Take it easy Randy

P.S. also like to find an original tach for the car, what kind of person would, not order a tach let alone what kind of factory would make a hypo car and not throw one in DUHHHHHHHHHHHH

Randy in Plymouth, Michigan"