These come from my friend, fellow Yahoo Torino Club member Rick "Richsound" Phelan.  Rich writes "Hi Mike,Your site keeps getting better and better. I just checked out Ron Tuttle's Wagon and it reminded me of my grandfathers Camper. As a child I went on many a trip with my grandfather in this one of a kind Camper> I am not sure if he built it from scratch or if he bought the plans ,but I know for positive that he hand made all the pieces .  The sleeper folded down over the wagons roof and it was completely removable. This vehicle has traveled the span of this country and back before Grandpa bought his Winnebago. I apologize for the quality of the photos ,I scanned them from a short Biography - Pictorial that my mother put together shortly after his death entitled Ralph Herman Shultz "Pop" . I will try to scan the originals and send you some better images. If anyone remembers meeting my Grandfather Ralph Shultz during his travels in this unique vehicle I would love to hear about it. I am hoping you will include this in your pictorials . Thanks Rich Phelan aka Richsound"

Rich, thank you for sharing these with the world!  These are some of the coolest pictures I have ever seen!  There are very, very special.  Thank you!