The Following come from Rick Herget (Rch49_2000) of the Yahoo Torino Club, in Oregon.  Rick writes "Mike,  The 1970 Torino GT had 103,000 when I bought. At the time I bought it I could only find 2 in the state of Oregon that I was interested in. The owner told me it was all original and in excellent shape. It took several months for me to get the car, so by the time I went to pick it up I was not in a clear frame of mind. I was going to come home with the car no matter what. Well I paid my money and took my chances. I jumped in and gassed it up to make the 130 mile trip home. The power windows quit working in about 20 min. Naturally they quit in the down position. I froze the top half of my body but the FORD heater took care of the bottom half. I made it safely home. The next day the p.s. pump puked. I checked the brakes and the looked like the alps. Both rotors and drums were scraped metal. The 3.25 Trac lok. turned out to be a 3.00 open. In the light of day I could see where the left rear quarter panel had been replaced and not a very good job at that. But from the pictures you can see that it looks really good from a distance. I replaced the power windows with standard regulators. I am in the middle of replacing all the weather stripping. New door panels are in the garage waiting to be installed. The 351C has a Offenhauser 360 manifold, MSD billet dist. and the Road Demon 625 carb. I have plans to stroke the 351C to 393 back it with a Lentech AOD and put a Rod & Custom Coil Over & Rack and pinion steering in it. I want it to look stock from a distance and to the novice.

Thanks Rick"

Thanks Rick, looks like a great car!  Glad you got the bad things out of the way the first day!! LOL