I receive the following from Ted Lupu of Brighton, Michigan about his brother Rick Lupu's car.  Ted writes  "HI MIKE, FOUND A PICTURE OF MY BROTHER RICK'S 70 TORINO. GOT A 351-C, AUTO, BUCKET SEATS, CONSOLE, POWER TOP, PS, PDB, MAGNUM 500 WHEELS. NEW PAINT. RESTORED LAST YEAR BY HIM & I, PAINTED BY R.WOJO. THANKS"

Thanks Ted, wow it looks great!  You and your brother did a fantastic job.  I'm sure your brother appreciates you sending in a picture also.  Thanks again...

10-5-2001  Received the following from fellow Michigander Rick Lupu.  Rick writes "Mike, Here are some more pictures of my 70 Torino convertible. All the pictures with the top down were taken at the Metro beach mini meet. The picture with the top up was taken at Marshall show."

7-15-2002 - Mike, I'am senting you the lastest picture of the engine compartment of my Torino convertible. Please add it to the other pictures of my car. Thanks Mike. Rick Lupu