I received the following from Rick Myers of Redford, Michigan.  Rick is also a member of the Yahoo Torino Club, along with myself.  Rick's Yahoo name is "Grabber Green".  Rick will also be joining many of us at the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Rick writes "Really looking forward to Woodward. I saw Walt's SCJ convertable at Milan.  It is beautiful. Here are some pics of my car. I just finished it. It is a 1970 Cobra, 429CJ, 4 Speed 4.30:1 gear (original a 3.00 posi). It may not be perfect, but I have done all of the work myself, except for having the car media blasted. Keep up the great work on the website and thanks again for arranging parking for Woodward!!     Grabber Green".

Beautiful car Rick, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in person!