Road trip – Journey to the end of the World



The Road                     Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego, 3,500km of monochrome Patagonian landscapes, unchanging for hours, nothing to focus on outside so the focus turns in, South to the Southernmost city in the World.


The Car                        Forest Green 1971 Ford Torino.


The Plot                       A search for meaning, identity, space and freedom, immortality? Chance encounters and moments shared in time and space, the beauty of destiny, and the sheer randomness of fate. 


The Journey                 A physical and spiritual journey where one destination is known and the other waiting to be discovered.


The Question               What happens when you reach the end of the World?, what happens when you can’t keep going? Turning back seems the only option, or is it?


Inspirations                “Vanishing Point” the movie

Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”

“El Viaje” by Fernando Solanas


Soundtrack                 Massive Attack, Garbage, Leftfield, Stellar, Killing Heidi, Icehouse, Portishead.

Giidday Mike, hows it going?

Just been checking out your web site again, congratulations, you are doing a fantastic job, your car looks deadly and your kids are cool. Things are good down this way, Im a partner in a gym with a good friend and am also doing consultancy work for the New Zealand Post Office, we are looking to be involved with the Argentine and Uruguay post offices.

My car is going well, apart from a sight problem with the electrics, the dashboard lights circut keeps cutting out when Im idleing at the lights, it then comes back though. I have a great mechanic here and he is checking it out right now. The thing about having this car over here is that it gets so much attention, everyone looks at it, yells out "awesome car".or asks just what the hell is it? Its kinda fun. Ive been thinking about my road trip again too, attached is a Word document with my current thoughts/feelings/ideas, I think sometime in 02 will be the time.

I too have a daughter, she is Natalia and is 7, she is my Angelfire, and like you say about your kids she is just the greatest. She shares time with me and her Mum.

Well Mike, great to see you via, keep up the great work, I'll send you some photos soon.........

Take care, hasta la vista, Rob