I received this from my friend Robert Henning down in North Carolina.  Bob writes "Mike,  I heard the 70 Drag-pack Convertible in Deleware was sold. I guess George finally got a buyer. Do you know where the car went to and how much it sold for? I noticed a picture of it on your web-site. The site looks great and I go to it whenever I have a bad day to get me into a better frame of mind. I am very interested in finding out about the Gold car as I own 1 of the 4 70 Drag-pack convertibles that still exist. I recently bought a 71 429 C.J. Convertible with a 4-speed,A/C,P/S and P/B and here is a picture of when I picked it up.   Regards, Bob". 

Great picture Bob, they should have a law against owning as many Torinos as do,  naw I guess it's just jealousy!!!!