I recieved the following from Robert Wilcox of Reno, Nevada.  Robert writes "Hi Mike, Here is my project, a 71 Torino 500 with a 351C 2V, C4 trans, A/C, front discs and 9 inch rear end. I traded it for a beat up 5.0 Capri that I was sick of in 1999. I had always wanted to own an older muscle car again, I had a 74 Gran Torino in the late 80's. My 71 supposedly had @67000 miles, but as the brake pedal fell off the other day I suspect 167000 is more accurate. Thus far I replaced the single exhaust with dual and rebuilt the transmission, plus regular maintenance. Currently has some 15 in. Plymouth police car rims on it. The disgusting tan color was painted directly over the original Goldenrod yellow, I plan on painting it black. As 500's are not as sought after, I will probably go more the modification route vs. the restore route, raise the rear, add a spoiler etc. As I got married and had a kid in 2000 progress has been slow but I still drive it and plan to keep on going. Keep up the good work on the sight!

Robert Wilcox Reno, Nevada"

Thanks Robert, that is the same model I had as my very first car!  I think you will have a sweet car when you are done.  Keep up the good work!