The following comes from my friend Ron Tuttle of Monroe, Michigan.  Ron writes "Mike, the car has finally arrived! Here's the scoop. 1970 Torino Type N/W, originally built for Washingon State and I also believe Oregon State only. The original ad's called for 601 to be built, and only in 3 color's, Washinton Green (grabber green), Oregon Orange (grabber orange), and Pacific Blue (grabber blue). At the end of the production run they ended up only building 395 total cars. My car has the 351-C, 4V (M) code engine, FMX automatic trans, and 3:00 gears, black bench seat interior, power steering, AM radio, and heavy duty suspension, plus the N/W package- all black hood, sport mirror's, argent 14x7 rally wheels, twist lock hood pins, N/W stripes, etc. It was a one family car, and I am now the third owner. The car is all stock an original. Can't wait until spring, so I can drive the Northwest in the Midwest. Keep in touch, Ron"

Ron, I can't wait to see this car in person, have never seen a N/W up close.  See you at the Mini-Meet!