I received the following from Ronnie Tullier of Brusly, Louisiana.  Ronnie writes "Great Web site, the best Torino site I have come across.  Here are a couple of pics of my 70 Torino GT. Sorry but the quality is not real good. I purchased the car from the 1st owner, which I have known since before the car was purchased. The car is all original.  Ronnie Tullier Brusly, La.

70 Torino GT 351C-4V w/Shaker, FMX Automatic, PS, PDB, Factory A/C.

69 Mustang Mach1 351W-4V FMX Automatic, PS, PDB, Factory A/C."

Ronnie, the pictures may not be the best, but the car sure is great! 351C with Shaker...cool!