The following comes from Simon Babbs of Forest Grove, Oregon.  Simon writes "Here is a promo picture for a movie that I am making called "Getting out." The star of the movie is my 72 Gran Torino Sport with a 351C CJ bored .30 over with 9.0 to one compression. Adjustable valetrain with roller rockers. Two Barrel heads. Holley Street dominator single plane. Holley Carb. Lunati Bracket Master II cam and lifter kit. Headers with glass packs. C6 right now. I have the clutch pedal assembly and everything to put in a top loader. I just got to get out to a friends and get that close ratio one he's got for me. Ralley tach and guages. Extra heavy duty sway bars front and rear. Open wheel 2.75 ration rear end. I had to swap the whole rear end a few years ago down in Arizona on old route 66 in Seligman. Right rear wheel bearing went out and I couldn't find another. I had the rear end housing with small wheel bearing I was told they only made for 6 months that year. Have you ever heard of that. Local wrecking yard had eight 72 fords and torinos and they were all the same but different from what I had. Had some guy wanted to swap a 86 5.0 mustang for the torino while I was there, but couldn't do it. Got whole rear end for $175.00 made it home.

Simon Babbs Forest Grove, OR"

Thanks Simon, Getting Out, hummmm.  Maybe from thge picture you could call it "Rolling Thunder"!!  If you do, I get a cut!.... Just kidding, it looks great and good luck!