Thursday, September 23, 2010


We just ordered a couple shirts from you......Here is why. My hubby and my son both have 1970 Torino Cobras - both number's matching cars and one of one per the Marti Reports. We just finished the red one (my son's). The yellow one has been done for about 12 years. They have been pretty popular at the car shows we have gone to this year. One or the other has won something at each one (granted we are in a pretty small area, but a plaque/trophy is pretty cool). We have a total of 7 Torinos (3 cobras and 4 GTs) I also attached a pic of 6 of the 7 (the 3rd Cobra is not drivable - needs a lot of work).

Have to say, your site is pretty cool. The guys spend a lot of time looking at the pics.

Thanks again,
Sherrie, Ryan, and Sheriden Baugh