Hello, I am sending you some pics of my TWO 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoilers. The Competition Gold one has 76k original miles and is loaded: AC, AT, Houndstooth interior, hideaway headlights, 429CJ, PB, PS. It does have some rust on passenger floor pan, and 2 front crossmembers. It has the original engine and paint. The yellow one is in great original shape. It has no rust anywhere. It is a 429CJ with 4spd everything else is standard. It has original paint, interior, headliner (in great shape), dash pad (in perfect original shape). It has been kept in a garage most of its life. I has 146k miles. It has original engine. I just bought these 2 in the last year from a guy who has had them stored since 1982. He was in need of some money. I am going to restore both. It will probably take me a few years. I live in Tennessee. I thought you might like some pics to add to your page.

Thanks, Stacy Hazelwood  Winchester, TN"