I received the following from Steve Baker of Warsaw, Indiana.  Steve is looking for information on his car.  Steve writes "Hi my name is Steve Baker.. I am from Indiana.. and we have owned this car for 19 yrs. Up until last year it had been stored for the past 10.. I was told by my father that he got a document with the car when he baught it stating that it was used in a movie.. well he lost it some how over the years.. so here i am looking to find help identifying where this car came from.. it is a 1969 fastback with a 428cj.. (scj?)... it has a 4 speed and 4:30 detroit locker rearend.. it also has a full roll cage and seems to have most of the safety features that a nascar would, but it is missing 2 bars to make the cage legal.. also it has everything to make it street legal..headlights..turnsignals..horn..windshield wipers.. the door skins still open but the cage is right there... i also has a 22 gallon fuel cell with fills on both sides and the battery is also located in the trunk.. the handles are covered as well as caps that connect the bumpers to the fenders.. well if you can help me i would be greatly honored because this car needs to be seen we have not change a single thing on it sence we got it.. it even still has the same tires ... we are planning on taking it to some shows this yr along with my 69 cyclone 428cj car that i just started on restoring.. thank you for your time... Steve Baker.. Warsaw,  Indiana".

What a great story.  If anyone has any information for Steve, they can send it to me and I will forward to him.  Thanks Steve!