The following comes from Steve of Loveland, Colorado.  Steve writes "Hi Mike, Terrific web site!. I thought I would attach a few photos of my Grabber Green convertible. And one picture of an unbuilt 1/25th scale 1970 Torino convertible kit.

My Torino is mostly original, I bought it 17 years ago from the original owner. The original owner was an 85 year old doctor that traded his Mercedes in for the Torino convertible because the Mercedes did not have enough power for the mountains of Colorado. He said the though that the Torino would not have the quality of the Mercedes, but after owning it for years, he said that it actually was a better built car. The car has a 302, 3 speed manual transmission and he ordered it without a radio because he "didn't want any noises" in his ears.

Steve/ Loveland Colorado"

Thanks Steve, it looks great!  I love the color.  Shows you just what "Ford Tough" is really all about!  Thanks......