Another car from Steve Randazzo of Dearborn, Michigan.  Steve writes "Another Classic Rescue - So here is my new toy - a 1968 GT390 Torino Fastback I found this one in Sterling Heights, Michigan. I am still exploring the different "options" the previous owner thought up! and trying to correct all the problems that occured. For the most part all the numbers match - At this point all I did was put different rims and Wheels on the Car I wasnt a great big Fan of the Original GT style Dog Dish Rims. Nontheless, I am happy I back with the elite group again. I will hopefully be seeing all of you on the 28th - Dont let the pictures fool you this one looks great but needs a paint job more than anything - But it still looks great and that 390 really performs - I will see you soon Take Care"

Thanks Steve, your new ride looks great.  Can't wait to see it at the Mini-Meet!