The following comes from Steve Tisdale of Boscobel, Wisconsin.  Steve writes  "Mike great site. Here are a couple of pictures of my Torino. It is originally a Q code. I still have 80% of the original parts I took off of it. Now it has a 460 powering it to a best of 11.55@115, still runs on pump gas. When I bought it the title said it was in excess of 100,000 mile and the odometer said 48,000, as clean as it was when I got it I don't know if that is correct. The odometer now says 57,000 on it, after 14 years of ownership. I'll send more pictures of what it looked like before I had it painted as soon as possible. THANKS FOR HAVING A TORINO WEB SITE."

Thanks Steve, beautiful car!  I look forward to more pictures....  Thanks!


7-17-2003 - "Hi Mike this is Steve Tisdale giving you an update on my 72. here is a pic from the track. that day it ran a best of 11.13 at 120mph. and received allot of complements. I'm sure glad I kept it around for the last 14 years. thank you."