I received the following from Stuart Sussdorf of San Angelo, Texas.  Stuart writes "Mike, What an awesome website! Thanks for giving car nuts like me a place to zone out for awhile. I have sent you a couple of pics of my 71 Grabber Blue drop top (I will send you one later with the top down when I get my boot to fit properly). Some stats: 351 Cleveland 4bbl, C6, 2.75 Diff, buckets, consol, rim blow wheel, AM-FM stereo, mild custom W/ 70 model mustang spoiler, 6-disc cd changer mounted in trunk, Front Grill Gt emblem and center caps of mag wheelcovers are painted blue instead of the factory red. I also have another 71 GT drop top with hideaways that I will keep for parts as long as I own the other. It could be restored but I just spent 3yrs on the first one. Thanks again, Stuart Sussdorf San Angelo,Tx"

Thanks Stuart for the compliment, but it's the great cars like yours that should get all the credit!  I like the mods, looks awesome!