The following comes from Terry Olson of Minnesota.  Terry writes "Awesome site. Here are some photos of the '70 Torino GT convertible I saved from the wrecking yard - but had to sell a few years ago. In retrospect, the car wasn't anything more than a good parts car when I bought it. The end result was decent but not what I had hoped for.  The car has a 351/automatic with power top, GT console, floor shifter, bucket seats etc. The guy I sold it to has traded it for another project so I don't know where it is or who has it at the moment.  You'll want to have a look at the wheels I put on it - they absolutely made the car and offer the classic hot rod look you are after - but they're different enough that your car will stand out in the sea of cragar five spokes. They're made by American Racing. Thanks for the great site - makes me want to do another Torino even though my first car and true love is the '65 Impala SS. That says alot about the allure of the Torino as a slightly different but legitimate muscle car.   Terry Olson  Minnesota"

Thanks Terry, great photos and great car!  I love the wheels, I have definitely ruled them out for my car yet.  Every time I see them, they grow on me a little more!  Thanks again!