The following comes from Thomas Hylton.  Thomas writes "Michael, I finally got some pictures taken of my car. To go into more detail about what I've done to it. I have rebuilt the carburetor, new plug wires, new plugs, new distributor, new points, rebuilt the leaf springs, put in a seat cover, had the brakes rebuilt on the front. Other than that the car has done just wonderful. It has a 302 small block with a 2 barrel Autolite carb. It is a 1970 formal hardtop. I haven't had much luck in finding anyone with another like it. Hope you like the pics,


Thomas, I like the pictures very much.  Like I always say, it's not the condition of the car, it's the condition of the heart!  I know that Thomas is looking for body parts, so if anyone can help him, drop me an email and I'll pass it along!  Thanks Thomas!