"Mike, I found this car in a junk yard in Ohio and it had been sitting there for about 3 years with the doors hanging open and people picking parts from it. I had been searching for a car with good quarter panels to repair mine when I found it and it was in a lot better shape than the car I was driving. So after purchasing the car and finding all the nightmares and reasons why no one fixed this car and 6 months later the car is as you see. I had to part out the previous car I was driving which is on Guest page 5. I have many pictures from the restoration and will have more since the resto is not complete so if you would like I can send them. The car is a 1971 Ford torino Gt (based on the VIN....yes I know that it's not a fastback). I put it together like a 70 though just because I enjoy the 70's look better. Enjoy the pics!


Thomas Hylton"