The following comes from Tim Bewsher in South Jersey.  Tim writes  "Hi Mike, I just realized I hadn't sent you any photos of the cobra yet. I sent you a bunch in this zip folder. Pick out whatever you like. There is a shot of my now sold Fairlane too. I miss that one. No matter though the replacement is awesome. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Tim Bewsher; I run a cobra Registry you can get at on mikes front page at the bottom. My '70 Cobra is an original 4.30 Drag-Pak car with a C6. It's missing some stuff but other stuff is there like the speedo reducer, and the factory oil cooler. I bought it this past Feb. (2002) I love it and will hopefully begin restoring it after my '69 mustang is done. (It's close) I almost forgot to mention the Marti report confirmed it was a special order paint car from ford. I will return it to its original color. 1970 maverick burnt orange.

Mike you are doing an awesome job on the site and starting the network 54 thing is great. Thanks; itís good to have folks like you in the hobby.


Tim Bewsher in S. Jersey"

Thanks Tim, you are doing a great job on the Torino Cobra registry, the sport owes a thanks to people like you!  Car is looking great also!!!