The following comes from Tim Flynn of Danvers MA. Tim writes " Mike, the car has 7in. rims. she is an n-code 429 c-6 on the column. bench, this car has to be rare, 3.25 gears, no posi! this pic was the cover pic for a local car magazine. I was thrilled to have my car featured in a mag. I added the rims, the louvers, the sport mirrors, the shaker. this car was bare in options. 60k orig. mi. I recently got a hold of the last true owner, he tried to buy the car for a long time. It sat in someone's yard. It was all black. Yellow originally, he believes she was used to run moonshine. He hasn't even seen the car yellow. Now that i figured out how to get the pic out i can show him. When you get more info on the new diecast Torinos please let me know. thanks a lot!  P.S. I can't wait to see my car on your site!!"

Thanks Tim, what a beautiful car!  By the way Tim won 1st place in the 70- 71 class at the FCA Mini-meet at Tasca Ford in Aug 2000.  Congratulations Tim!!!