"Hi Mike, its been a while, i'm attending Iowa State University now, so I haven't had as much time at my disposal. I also dropped the job at hy-vee and work full time at an auto parts store in town. Anyway, I stumbled across a torino via one of the regulars at the store. I picked it up for $1200, I'd say that's a steal. The paint is great and the interior is perfect. Only a couple minor dings on the truck lid and one small dent on the fender. I just put the new motor in, it had the six originally. Specs on the new motor are as follows:

I salvaged a 302 out of an 83 LTD, which i had punched to 306 -Cam: 520 gross lift crane hydraulic -Speed pro hyperneutectic flat top pistons -Edelbrock torker (original w/ twisted mount) intake manifold -Gt40 heads, modified for guideplates and thread in studs -Rocker arms are undecided -Nearly all hardware is ARP -Also, new crank, rods, hi volume oil pump, etc This spring the torino is getting sent to my friends shop where he restores classic fords, it'll be getting a new, hopefully more radical, paint job there.

I'm also working on a 1980 f150 4x4 that has a 406 displacing 351 block in it, that's my current daily driver.

Thanks for keeping the website up, good luck with your ride,

Tim Lien guest pages 9 and 11, video page"