The following came from Tim Mullanix of Pendleton, Oregon.  Tim writes "Hello my name is Tim Mullanix from Pendleton, Oregon. I got a 71 Torino 500 that I've owned for 4 years and its all original except for the chrome wheels I bought for it.  It cost me $900  in 97 and  I purchased it from a old gramma.  It has 126,000 miles on it now and is gonna get a rebuild next month.  When i got it in 97 it had 105000 miles on it.  Only options it has is big ventilated rear drums and power steering, and the vent system.  It's my baby I want a GT too. I hope to buy in the future.  Mike your page is torinorific and awesome, I love it. I haven't found one better . My car, 1971 torino 500 351 C 2 valve all stock under hood still produces 240 hp, c6 cruise o matic, color vanilla cream, is pretty straight. I think that the 500s are rarer than the GT's u see more GT's for sale than the 500's but any 2 door 70 71 Torino is getting rarer and rarer by the year.."

Thanks Tim for the great picture and story.  You're right on 2 points, the Torino's are getting rarer and rarer, and yes they are our babies!