The follong comes from Tim Sweet.  Tim writes "Mike, Great website. It's the first site I've found that actually has photo's of the 74 Torino's.  I was looking over the your guests' cars. I was looking at Joe Morales 74 to compare it with mine. Mine has a totally different window configuration. I've attached some photo's if you don't mind and some details.

Gran Torino Sport
VIN: 4H38Q107971
Body: 65R
Color: 3D
Trim: DB
Trans: U
Axle: 9
DBO: 75
Date: 08/73
Vin Code: 1974
VinCode Body Serial = Gran Torino Sport 2dr HardTop
VinCode Body: Medium Blue Metallic
Seat: Balmora B/Cloth & Corith (L/B Bench)
Trim Code: Med. Blue
AxleCode = 3.25:1
DSOCode: Phoenix
Assembly Plant: Lorrian

Undercarriage is aerodynamic ball joints are much larger then other Torino’s of the same vintage

Transmission is unique (Minus the traditional “Humped” housing)
Engine is 351-V4 Cobra Jet (Not a Cleveland)
9” rear end
10.5:1 ratio
Came with a 3500 Stall Speed Torque Converter.

I came across this car at my father-in-laws garage. This engine the cobra jet engine has large (much larger) heads then the Cleveland.  It is nearly restored. I've driven this car at 157 m.p.h. - and it wasn't done yet. This car was purchased in Phoenix and locally I've been told that this engine was one of 200 made and that I got the last set of heads for this one a few years ago.

Let me know what you think of the window configuration. Maybe one of your guests might have an idea.  Tim Sweet"

Thanks Tim, very interesting stuff and a great car!  I am by no means an authority on the 74's so if someone has any ideas, let us know!  Thanks Tim.....